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Anti-Splash Bowl

Anti-Splash Bowl

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An innovative solution that minimizes water splashing during dogs' drinking. It incorporates a floating plate & non-spill edge to contain water, preventing spills & maintaining a clean, dry surrounding area.
Provides improved hygiene, reduces slipping hazards, conserves water, & enhances dogs' drinking experience. A must-have for dog owners seeking better drinking routines & a tidy environment.
93% of customers reported that their dog no longer makes a mess while drinking. While 35% of customers have said their dog loves to drink out of our Anti Splash Bowl.
"I've been using the Anti Splash Dog Water Bowl for months now and my dog loves drinking out of it! He used to make a mess all the time which was so annoying to clean up but there as been no mess at all since we got this! I highly recommend it to any dog owner looking to eliminate mess."
Nikki, U.S.A
 Eliminate splashing, mess & water spills - The floating plate will rise & fall according to the water level to contain the water within the bowl, keeping your floors & surrounding areas cleaner & drier.
 Improve your dogs drinking experience - Provides a comfortable & enjoyable drinking experience for your pet. It minimizes splashing & avoids wetting your dog while they drink, making it more pleasant for them.
 Helps prevent choking & vomiting - By providing a slower & more controlled flow of water, it can help dogs drink at a more manageable pace, reducing the likelihood of choking or vomiting.

 Maintain a more hygienic & clean environment - It reduces the risk of wet floors becoming breeding grounds for bacteria or mold. Additionally, it keeps your dog’s drinking water cleaner by preventing debris, dirt, or hair from being stirred up by splashing.

 Eliminate slipping & accidents - By containing the water within the bowl, it reduces the chances of water spreading onto the floor & creating slippery surfaces that can pose risks to both humans & pets.

 Conserve water & save money - Promotes efficient water consumption by minimizing splashing. It ensures that the water remains in the bowl, preventing wastage. This can be beneficial for water-conscious individuals or those looking to save money on water bills. 
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